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The reflections in these little books are thought-provoking, guided prayer; they give a start to those who don't have a starting place and a challenge to the spirit of those who do. They discourage minimalism, take a stand for character, and help to develop a dialogue with God that will stimulate one’s spirit to seek Him and search out goodness.

The messages are also reminders of how we should live our lives -- striving for excellence, being of service to and caring for others; and remembering to periodically stop, examine our essential purpose, set goals and take the time to adjust our actions and attitudes.


There are times in our lives when we feel totally overjoyed – everything seems to be going our way and God seems to be truly smiling on us. And then there are the times we feel totally overwhelmed and in the depths of despair.

The messages and reflections in these inspirational books encourage you to focus on and rest in God's sufficiency, instead of your circumstances. They can be read by all. They can be used in a classroom, a church, and at home. They can be read privately or aloud for ALL to hear! They will challenge you, inspire you, give you hope, and remind you that life is not about who you are and what you have.

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